Monster  – perfect graphic software solution for professional photographers
Monster is the professional album design program for digital and photo paper printing. The software is geared towards Printing Houses and Labs that provide services to professional photographers and suits all machine types that they use. Printing Houses/Labs are provided with an advanced easy to use application with their own branding style, to spread it freely among their clients. Monster gives the opportunity to design professional albums faster and easier.
Like all other Digital Pro products, you are provided not only with an application, but a full platform including a back office management system and a workflow to manage orders, production and clients.

Providing Monster to your clients allows you:

  • Giving your clients the ability to design impressive professional albums faster and easier, while maintaining uniqueness and high level of design of each album
  • Significantly shortening production time & supply time to the end client
  • Strengthening of your corporate brand: the software is branded with your stile, putting your logo on your client's desktop
  • Spreading your software to as many clients as you want using one license fee
  • Providing your clients advanced graphic editing capabilities with ability to interface to external graphic program free of charge
  • Maintaining strong relationship with your clients while providing them constant improvements