Stay in touch with your clients
Ordering a photobook from you, or even just visiting your website to try out your application, is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with your clients. Satisfied clients like to share experiences and photos with their family and friends, and re-visit and re-order additional products and services. Funbook keeps all your clients information for you, including their email addresses. That allows you to:
  • Send a periodic newsletter about new services and promotions
  • Create special offers for special occasions and holidays
  • Send a customer satisfaction survey after the purchase to receive client feedback
  • Suggest your clients to share their albums with family and friends
Our points system offers you the possibility to grant credit points to your clients for performing various activities such as:
  • When ordering a product
  • When sending album sharing invitation to friends
  • When a friend is registers to your site
  • When a friend orders a product
You may determine the value of each point, and offer your clients reduced price or other benefits in exchange for points.